Legislation & Case Law

Your liquor license may be affected by changes in the legislation or case law. Liquor licenses can be affected by changes coming from your local city, county government, California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) or even the federal Alcohol Tabacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Because our law office focuses on helping liquor licensees, we keep a close eye on changes that may affect our clients.

• Current rule — With respect to brand identified items given to consumers in connection with the sale or distribution of beer, existing regulation authorizes licensees to only give items that are of inconsequential value, which is defined as costing the licensee giving them away no more than $0.25 (Section 25600 and Rule 106).
• Proposed amendment — as to beer manufacturers, no rule of the Department shall impose a limit other than $3.00.

-ABC ACT, Division 9, Chapter 1, Section 25600, Rule 106

Keeping Eyes and Ears Open

Attorney Rick Warren regularly monitors legislation and liquor law changes as well as activity generated by trade groups and restaurant and other associations.

See below for news that may affect you.

Pending Legislation

Changes in Case Law

Trade Group Actions

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