Buying or Selling a Liquor-Licensed Business?

Starting a new restaurant, bar, nightclub or market can be an exciting time. It can also be a confusing time when you are expected to know about many laws, regulations, and government forms that you've never experienced before. You may be faced with questions to which you have no answers, and struggle with where to go for help.

Are you buying, selling or starting a liquor-licensed business?  Attorney Rick Warren, an experienced real estate and business lawyer, specializes in assisting clients with buying and selling a liquor-licensed business.

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"Winegrower" means any person who has facilities and equipment for the conversion of grapes, berries, or other fruit into wine and is engaged in the production of wine. — ABC ACT, Division 9, Chapter 1, Section 23013

Looking to Buy or Sell a Business That Serves Alcohol? We Can Help.

Our law firm can help you with the sale or purchase of a liquor-licensed business:

  • New business formation — We can assist with all incorporation procedures, paperwork and filings.
  • Purchase agreements — We can draft all the necessary paperwork for the transfer of business ownership.
  • Liquor license — We can help with a transfer of the permit and compliance with all escrow requirements.
  • Condition modifications — We can help you change any restrictions on your liquor license. The time of license transfer is a good time to modify conditions.
  • Transactions — We help file the sale and license transfer with the appropriate local, state and federal agencies.

If you are selling a business you may be more concerned about having a smooth transaction, with all the details handled in a timely manner, and full liability transferred along with ownership. If you are buying a business, you want to make sure that all of your bases are covered. We are here to provide the skilled assistance you need to make sure your transaction goes smoothly.

Did you know? The sale of a liquor-licensed business has a mandatory escrow account attached to it. All of the money must be held in escrow until the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has formally approved the license transfer to the new owner.

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