Condition Modification

If you are an existing liquor licensee, or applying for the transfer of an existing license, and you wish to change the conditions of your liquor licenses, a skilled lawyer can help you negotiate the desired change with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and, perhaps, with the local law enforcement or government as well.

Understanding the ABCs of License Conditions and Modifications

Whether you initiate the request for a license condition modification, or the modification is requested by an outside party, our law firm can help you negotiate a change or modification to your liquor license through a license condition modification.

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"Licensee" means any person holding a license, a permit, a certification or any other authorization issued by the department — ABC ACT, Division 9, Chapter 1, Section 23009

Modifying a Liquor License

Are you considering a condition modification of your liquor license? Richard Warren is a skilled negotiator as well as a trial attorney and will work hard to make sure your rights are protected. Below are some examples of how our law firm can help you:

Modifications you may want:

  • The ability to add inventory (such as carrying a new craft beer)
  • The ability to change your hours (such as staying open later, opening earlier or opening on specific holidays)
  • The ability to change inventory (such as adding different size containers)
  • The ability to offer entertainment

Modifications you may NOT want:

  • Restrictions on your hours (if authorities want you to close early or open late)
  • Restrictions on your premises (preventing alcohol on an outdoor patio, for example)
  • Restrictions on your products (requiring the sale of beer only in six packs, for example)
  • Restrictions or mandated actions that don't apply to other businesses (conditions should be applied to other similar businesses in your area so your competition does not have an unfair advantage)

Many Conditions Are Permanent

Once they've been set, conditions are hard to change or modify. Businesses may be told that restrictions can be removed at a later date, but the reality is that removing a restriction is difficult to do and efforts to remove restrictions are often unsuccessful. For this reason, it is critical to negotiate your best conditions from the beginning.

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