Conditional Use Permits

Each local government is like its own little fiefdom that can, within limits, make its own rules. This means that your local city or county government can put conditions on your conditional use permit (CUP). Local governments often ask the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to impose restrictions on the ABC license.

Negotiating Conditions That Work for You

Our task, as your liquor license law firm, is to obtain a conditional use permit that suits your needs and your business. Attorney Richard D. Warren will negotiate with the local government to obtain an acceptable conditional use permit from the planning department or planning commission.

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Understanding Conditional Use Permits and the Definition of Liquor

Conditional use permits can be very specific. One may grant permission to sell wine and beer but not spirits. Another may permit the sale of liquor except on a particular date when a community-wide celebration is held. Some conditional use permits are imposed with good intentions, but have unfortunate consequences. For example, a license may not permit the sale of single-serving beer containers. While the city's restriction is meant to discourage the sale of loitering drunken behavior, it also prohibits the sale of expensive one-of-a-kind craft beers. Also, such restrictions imposed by local government may exceed their legal authority.

How We Can Help

Once a conditional use permit has been granted, it is difficult to modify or change it. Part of our role as a liquor license law firm is to educate communities throughout California about which conditions are impractical to impose and enforce. On our clients' behalf, we will:

  • Advise communities and license holders before a conditional use permit is granted
  • Negotiate with local governments and planning authorities
  • Obtain acceptable permit approvals from planning departments
  • Represent our clients in appeals to city councils
  • As a last resort, go to court

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