License Revocations and Suspensions

For many businesses — such as food markets and grocery stores, catering businesses, nightclubs and restaurants — the revocation of a liquor license would bring the business to a grinding halt.

A business owner may be surprised when he or she is suddenly faced with a liquor license revocation after being charged with a crime that had nothing to do with the licensed business. Being convicted of a crime of moral turpitude is enough to get your liquor license revoked.

If You Lose Your License, You Could Lose Your Business

If your license is threatened with suspension or revocation, the Law Office of Richard D. Warren can help. To schedule a free consultation to discuss ways to avoid a license suspension or revocation, please contact our liquor license revocation attorney in Berkeley.

Prevention Is Your Best Option

Each set of circumstances is different, and your case is not like anyone else's. That said, we have developed an approach to liquor license suspensions and revocations that works for many of our clients. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Educate — We teach you about the ABCs of regulations and penalties.
  • Act quickly — If you have a pending criminal charge, and plead guilty, you will lose your liquor license. Contact us sooner, not later. Bring this up with your criminal defense attorney so he or she can coordinate their defense to preserve the value of your ABC license.
  • Evaluate — We look at the violation charge, and let you know what you may be facing, and discuss your options with you and your criminal defense attorney.
  • Negotiate — It may be beneficial to negotiate with the ABC in an effort to lower the penalty from a revocation to a lesser penalty such as a conditional revocation so you can salvage the value of your business.

The unfortunate reality is that many revocations become permanent. Once a location has its ABC license revoked, the location may not be re-licensed for at least one year. In many cities, that location may have to go through the local zoning approvals to get a license again. Avoiding problems from the outset is the best strategy.

Attorney Richard D. Warren has defended hundreds of licensees facing ABC license suspensions and revocations throughout the state of California. He uses a detailed knowledge of California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) administrative codes and penalties in an effort to help you keep your business' doors open.

The Effects of Commission of Crime Involving Moral Turpitude

If you have been charged with or convicted of a crime of moral turpitude, you may face liquor license revocation:

  • Committed on premises — Revocation
  • Committed away from premises (petty theft/shoplifting) — Revocation stayed three years on probation
  • Committed away from premises (other than petty theft) — Revocation
  • Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude — Revocation

ABC ACT, Division 9, Chapter 1, Section 24200 (a & d)

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